Most students love to volunteer and acquire new skills, but when volunteer work becomes mandatory in schools, will the students do the job well? I believe that volunteering is not obligatory but rather a personal choice.

whenWhen we are forced to do a task, we lose the joy of doing it. Many students carry out the task only for the sake of success and obtaining the grade that enables them to pass the level. I suspect that the main reason for this situation is internal dissatisfaction with this work. As, as well as society’s disrespectful view. Also, most of us reject compulsory volunteer work because we are not accustomed to it. Likewise, parents do not encourage their children to do it, and most importantly, schools and universities do not explain the benefits of this humanitarian activity.

Although there is considerable controversy surrounding the issue of volunteering in schools, the counterarguments remain strong. Society may encourage volunteer work in simple matters such as helping an old woman cross the road, but it does not support volunteer work such as helping people in disasters such as an earthquake, for example. Also, one of the mandatory voluntary programs is to clean the school, but in return, they do not teach them to maintain its cleanliness.

Finally, schools must teach students these skills, as well as the
role of the media in instilling, these great works that help foster love and mutual respect between people, instead of making them do it for school grades.

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