What?! lol, so not true.

That Sunday Joe and I got into some petty argument which rarely happens and I reached out to Umi and You… I also called and
texttexted you the next day and apologizeapologized to Umi for reaching out to him, though it was not that late in the evening and I needed a friend in that moment.

I don’t know what went wrong because I was hoping at least you’d return my call from 2/26 but you responded you were at work
and since. Since I didn’t hear back from you nor from Umi, to whom I also sent an apology message but no acknowledgment, and I understand he’s busy and what notwhat-not so I get it.

Joe reached out to you as well to confirm his appointment that week and you said
you’llyou would call him after work, which never happened.

To conclude, we were left with the impression that you guys wanted to keep distance in our friendship and remain cordial
, which is why I didn’t bother you guys anymore.

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