Hello, my name is Rosalinda Frias,. I’m an Architectural Designer in San Antonio, Texas. I recently came across Reach ArchitectArchitects in my search for Architectural Designer positions.
I would like to express my interest in any available opportunities to work with Reach
ArchitectArchitects as an Architectural Designer. I have a passion and desire to work alongside a firm that is founded in beliefs and practices that reflect a faith in Christ Jesus. Your team’s dedication totowards steward design towards buildingdesigns by building “more Christian” resonates with my own beliefs and goals as a designer. ProjectsThe projects that invoked a high interest waswere the work done on non-profit projects (fighting domestic minor sex traffic in Central Texas, addressing homelessness here in Austin, serving Trujillo, Peru).
I have a tender heart to seewith people and would be grateful to steward projects towards the same heart.
I have been provoked by the vision “ON EARTH AS IT IS IN
HEAVEN”HEAVEN, and the execution of design done by Reach ArchitectureArchitects. With two years of experience in an Architecturalarchitectural & Engineeringengineering firm, I believe a chance to contribute my skills and passion for design within your firm will be excellent.
Please consider
giving me a chance to connect with meyou. I would like to discuss my personal goals and strengthen my experience inexperiences with building connections.
I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet and discuss how I can collaborate and connect with Reach Architects.

Rosalinda Frias

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