An assertion is an absolute word or saying about what one thinks or feels about something. It can emerge in every type of activity, such as deep thinking, writing software, law, speaking finely, and things concerning money (Maryland, 2021). With assertive communication, interpersonal communication deals with the confident articulation of the self's needs, opinions, and boundaries. It can take on different forms, each with its own peculiar nuances and applications.

Basic assertion, the first type of assertion, is stating one's opinions, feelings, or ambitions without getting too aggressive or defensive (Gocon, 2021). For example, "I need some quiet time to focus on my work." Second is empathetic assertion, which is speaking confidently with conviction while respecting other people's views at the same time (University of Texas at Austin, 2024). For example, "Your input is great, and I still believe that my idea is the best solution for the project." Third is a positive assertion: having an expression of one's wants or needs as expressed in positive, straight, and authoritative language and not in an ambiguous negative language (University of Mississippi, 2021). For example, "I like to have our meetings scheduled in the morning when everyone is fresh and focused." Lastly, Preference asserts one's preferences or wishes in an assertive manner without enforcing them on others (University of Texas at Austin, 2024). For example, "I would rather work independently on this task, but I'm open to collaborating if needed."

In my own words, an assertion is a strong claim about something, with or without evidence that can support it. It is one of the most important aspects of effective communication and healthy relationships. Basically, it means speaking one's mind assertively and respectfully towards the other person. For example, instead of just saying, "I'm fine with whatever," you could assertively say, "I would prefer that we choose something we both like." Hence, assertiveness will prevent misunderstandings and create mutual respect. You can present your needs calmly and honestly, creating good links with friends and relatives.

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