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I came to pick up Faithfulness and Zion from school today
Friday(Friday 17th of May, 20232024). When one of the kids, with his Mum walkmum, walked towards her and pushed her, she. She stepped back immediately saying, 'No, thank you', but the boy pushed her agian for threeagain three more times before lI put her behind me, while the mother was watching his son pushedpush my daughter.

I took my kids
, and on our way home lI asked Faithfulness what happened, and she. She said the boy pushes her all the time when she is in school. and lI was not aware of it.this, so I went back to the school to make an official complaint, and I was told that he was not targeting Faithfulness alone but pushes other kids too, as a way of communicating due to his condition, and that is why they taught the kids to say 'No, thank youyou’ loudly, so that the teachers can hear'hear. In as much as lI understand his condition, the other children doesn'tdo not understand. thatHowever, lI don't understand why my daughter and other children will have to be going through this physical and emotional abuse all the time in pre schoolpre-school, that is meant to help them grow and develop psychologically. Faithfulness said she doesn't like him, and she is scared as shehe pushes her all the time. As a mother, lI don't want any form of abuse that will not make my daughter feel safe, sacred or dampeddampen her confidence in a setting that is designed to boost her confidence and prepare her for school.

I would like to know the safeguarding measures that are in place against this kind of situation
, and how you are and willintend to protect the other children while still helping this boy.

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