Hi Kate,

Thank you for your email. I am very excited and looking forward to starting!

Well noted
forre: the information above. Regarding Monday, I was planning on working, so no need to move the first day. Thank you for checking-inchecking in on that.

Following up on this topic, I
notednotice that there are 30 days of paid time off includeincluding national holidays. Could you remind me if you expect me to be on US national holidays or if that's okit's OK to be on the Portuguese ones? If so, I can provide you with a calendar. There is another public holiday in Lisbon on the 13th, however I was also planning to be working.

that samea similar note, how long in advance amuch notice for days off should be given? for taking days off? Currently, I would need to take 2two days of onoff in June 27th(27th and 28th28th), as I am travelling for a wedding.

LetPlease let me know.

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