There are three things in my life. First things, I was good student in high school and I know how to fixing computers. Also, I hadve some knowledge abouto formatting computers. In addition, I had decided to take this parction because I have more experience in computers and my goal is to be involved in programming systems. I have many acthingvities in my life tohat are especially original. First, I am still learning about programming systems, but my major is cComputer Graphics, so some people think that it is very important to choose their major for their goals, but I chose my major because there are few people in Saudi Arabia knthat cowmprehend this major. Afielso,d; ith wis majorll becaome more popular in Saudi Arabia in the future. Second, I came to the USA to learn English to improve my goals because programming systems nwork requireds to knowledge of English. Thiered, I had learned how to swim in pool when I was in high school. Fourth, when I came to the USA, I learned how to fix my car when it breaks down.

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