Tone plays an important part in any type of Lliterature. Whether it's poetry or a Ted Talk video, it is very important, and plays a great role in what you are trying to convey. The Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, brings up the topic of cultural differences and expectations into play. Adichie explains how as a child, she would always read American and British novels, and ended up writing exactly like them. Later on, Adiche discoversed books made by other nNigerian authors like her and, whitch resulted in her changing her whole world view perspective. Her message helps others understand that even though everyone might be going a certain direction, it's okay to go in the opposite direction because everyone has different perspectives, and it does not mean you are wrong.
In Adichie’s Ted Talk
, she mentions her first encounter of racism, criticism, and stereotypes. AdichiHe’sr encounters with all three of these problems leavesft her winth the conclusion that we can all go our own way.

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