Community hHealth cCenters (CHCs), also known as Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) have a history of providing benefits to underserved communities with fees adjusted depending upon the patient’s ability to pay. Health care centers are vital safety net providers in rural areas. According to America’s Health Centers, approximately aone third are rural residents out of the 22 million Americans receivesing care from health centers. Like all health centers receiving funds under the section 330 of the Public Health Service Act, a rural health center provides health improvements, preventive health care services, and have a continuing quality assurance program for their patients. By receiving funds from reimbursements for services under Medicaid and Medicare, grants, and payment from private insurers, health care centers are able to provide services for underserved communities. In order to ensure that the needs of the patients are being met by the community health centers, they are governed by a governing board of executives compriosed mostly of health center patients.

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