My uncle's business is a flowers shop. First wWhen my unclhe first started thase business, he opened a small shop just for flowers. He canwould buy Fflowers that were imported from abroad. In addition, he chooses different and strange types from thef flowers, twhatich is the reason for the success of thmy uncle's business of my uncle. Day after day, the small shop became known to everyone in the city.
And the other reason for thmy uncle's success ofis my uncle.that Hhe had a good way tof marketing his shop. He put ads in all of the famous newspapers.
er the becatme successful, the shop was expanded, with many things afore selaling in the shop, for example gifts and balloon. Next, Tthe shop expanded more and becamhe stan organizationed to organize events and, coordinate gifts and import more flowers from abroad.

Today, my uncle hais become a successful businessman and owns many shops in different cities; all of that grew from just from ane small shop for the flower shop.

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