To whom it may concernWhom It May Concern, I am the owner and operator at the Ultimate daycareDaycare, and I am writing this letter to confirm that Cayden Anderson is currently enrolled in my daycare program. He started with us on April 10, 2017. When Cayden first started with us, he was shy and timid. He wouldn't talk or engage with myselfme or the other children,he. He has made a 180 degree turn . Cayden is now the first to try and answer the questions asked by his teacher, he's. He is so excited to learn and come to daycare. Cayden seems more well rounded than before, and even more sure of himself. He is thriving and well on his way to meeting his milestones right on time. I look forward to continuing to work with his Fatherfather and his support group in rearing Cayden. Thank you,

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