Because of the political situation and this new reform, they willare not be able to support us likeas they have in the last two years. They will find money for us, but it will be much less and much later thenthan we need. After thatWith this news, we now have to find additional funds. It’s very hard, because we need thisthese funds for the beginning of the season, so there is no time to do it. We have collected some money, but it's still not enough. So, I want to ask you if your company will be able to support us this year?year. We will need about 10 ,000 USD to doproduce TMs trainings,training and materials for TMs, promotion atto new schools and regions of Poland, ectetc. We are growing fromhave grown in last three years, and I'm afraid that we will need to inhibit our development, even if we work as hard as alwaysever.

CityThe city was sure that they willwould be able to give us money like the last three years, but the financial and political situation surprised them and us at allall. I think, for thethat, next year, we will plan and be ready for a similar situation and will try to secure ourthe funds duringneeded throughout the year, but now, we really need your support.

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