Thank you.  Raphael and I are both fine. How is it going there? We miss you guys as well.

I think Kim Jong Un has done all the nuclear missile-related stuff to not end up like Saddam Hussein. He realized he needed to have military power to keep his regime. Everyone on the earth knows
howthat the U.S. military is strong. Kim Jong Un also knows it. He wants to keep his regime and not destroyingdestroy it into ashes. So, I do not think he will strike a match first. That would be a suicide attempt.

Donald Trump is a businessman. The U.S. economy looks fine these days. The Dow keeps hitting records. The “war card” might be used in the future
, but I personally think it is not the time yet. But North Korea is providing good enough reason thatfor the U.S. canto start “World War III” whenever they want. Who knows if the missile iswill be launched in North Korea or anywhere else?

Reasonably, I don’t think
the war wouldwill happen in the near future, but I just want those two egomaniacs to shut their mouthmouths up. 

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