Finding balance in my physical, spiritual, emotional, occupational & social wellbeing has been something I have battled with for years. From being overweight as a child & battling eating disorders as a teen,; body image became an obsession, which took a tooltoll on my overall quality of life.
Once I realized the importance of optimal wellness
, my priorities became more than just finding balance in eating and exercise.
I allowed my obsession with obtaining a certain body image
to cause me to neglect my social life, mental health &and hormone health. It also causescaused me to doubt my passions in my occupation. I lost my menstrual cycle from lack of nutrition and over exercising &over-exercising, and I would choose the gym over healthy relationships, which led me to become stressed, depressed and irritable. It also led me to neglect my career as a hairdresser, because I thought I wanted to make a career out of my obsession rather than pursuing my passion and talent in the beauty industry. Although all this may seem like an emotional rollercoaster, Mymy goal has always been constant,: to seek and develop my highest potential. In doing so I hope to inspire otherothers to do the same!

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