Rama's best friend Dania wanted to destroy another girl's relationship with her husband; because of jealousy. That girl, who is called Sara, didn't know anything about what Dania wanted to do to her. When Rama has knownfound out about thatit, she felt sorry tofor Sara, especially, when Sara didn't do anything wrong to Dania. So, she came up with an idea to meet with Sara and to tell her everything she knowsknew. AfterWhen she had met with her, Rama became hesitant about telling Sara what she knows;knew, because if she told her, Dania would be in a very hard and tensiontense position. Besides, if she knowsfound out about thatit, their friendship would be over, but. But she had a bright idea, to equalbalance between both sides. She suggested to playplaying a very difficult game with Sara, thatand if Sara won, Rama would tell her what iswas happening behind her knowledgeback, but if she lost, Rama wouldn't tell her anything. However, after the game ended, Rama didn't expecthadn't expected Sara to be able to win, so she haddecided to break her promise, and didn't tell her, as beingsince she was afraid of the consequences.

Is what Rama did is right?

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