What I willwould I do if iI won a milionmillion zlotych?. It’sThat’s a really difficult question. Actually, it’s impossible, but. But, of course, there happenedhappen to be a lot of cases when people won a great amount of money. After the matura exam, I would like to have a gap year and I’ll travel around the world. The main aim of the journey willwould be Africa, it’s. It’s my dream to see sight the whole africaall of the sights in Africa, to know culturecultures of e.g. Kenya or Nigeria, and to take a part in a safari. Later, I would like to fly to Australia, where I could see the Great Barrier Reef. When I’ll backI return to Poland, I would like to start study ofstudying law onat Adam Mickiewicz University and I’ll spend some money for extra practise law coursecourses. Also I’ll also buy a flat in the in center of the city, and finally I’ll be dependantdependent on my patentsparents. After I graduate, I wouldwill pay for a lawyer application, and later of course, I will open my own law office. After this, I’ll achieve full happiness, and if there areis still some money ileft, I will pay fordonate it to charities like drDr. Clown.

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