People everyEvery day, people are pressured to conform to society’s beliefs and are unable to havefind the courage to stand up for their own morals in which they believe. Harper Lee’s novel depicts an innocent black man, named Atticus FinchTom Robinson, who is being convicted of rape, purely because of the color of his skin, colorand is represented by a lawyer named Atticus Finch. The pressure of athe racist town to conforms causes many town folkstownsfolk to sentencingsentence an innocent man to life in prison. EntirelyThis happens entirely because they did not haveno one has the courage to stop following in society’s belief of what was right or wrong, but to instead follow their own beliefs. Through AtticusTold from Scout Finch’s actions and words in “Toperspective, Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper LeeMockingbird portrays that true courage, is showndemonstrated through someone’s individualan individual's morality and not society’s beliefs.

Atticus Finch is a man of knowing all types of courageous actions, not just a physical courage. His moral courage show’sshows when he accepts the case to defend a black townman folk accused of rape. Atticus knows that in his career ofas a lawyer he would have one case that would affect him personally.

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