The last story is beginning,begins somewhere around the second half of the first class of gymnasiumgym class. Then we started to be friends with Elle. I didn't know then how big of a problem she had. One day I found outheard that she'sshe was cutting herself. At first, I thought thatit was a stupid joke, but later I askasked her about it. She, and she confirmed that it. I was thrilledtrue. I was wondering,shocked. I wondered why she didn't tellhadn't told me about it, how long did it take,it had taken and why, of course? , why?
We went
tofor coffee, and she was tryingtried to tell me everything with detailsin detail. UntilBefore then I didn't understand in what condition she was in. From thisthat moment we started to meet more often. I was devoted to her all my time to her. One time she goeswent to my place, another time I would go to herhers.
After a few weeks, I started to see that
she'sshe was feeling better, so I decided to take a big step forward and talk with her about visits to a psychologist. At first, she wasn't convinced about it. She was saying that he can'tcouldn't help her, that all that he cancould do iswas to pat her on the back.

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