The importanceImportance of agricultureAgriculture in the Arab worldWorld.

Nowadays, agriculture is spread throughout the world. Each region cultivates certain types of crops suitable for its climate. BetweenAmong these regions areis our Arab homeland. Agriculture offers many benefits for the Arab world: To provide. It provides the population with their food needs. Agriculture provides employment opportunities for many people; more than half the population of the Arab world practices it. Agricultural crops are important raw materials for many industries, including cotton, fruit, vegetables and sugar cane. Agriculture hasplays a very large role in providing capital that establishesfunds many projects. But the promotion of technologies and the addition of cheap products for money or lack of understanding of the resulting alleles led to problems in agricultural crops, effectingaffecting future generations and the importance of this topic on human life, and many of the resulting problems. We chose this topic to discuss and, find solutions, and ask three questions.

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