​PJM INTL LLC is a representation agency for lighting and electrical products​.​ We have
the experience ​for
​more overthan twenty years onof experience in the electrical market, and includesincluding working with end users, distributors, consultants, Architectsarchitects, technicaltechnicians, and business teams
to provide information and solutions.​ We cover the North ​Texas​ (Dallas/Metroplex)​,
Puerto Rico, the Caribbean
, and some places in South America​.

We pride ourselves in our relationships with manufacturers of high quality products

and services. Our goal is to increase customer​​ knowledge about products and gain market share for the manufacturers we represent​. ​ ​​PJM’s​​PJM INTL LLC visionLLC's mission is to be the most trusted representation agency for lighting and electrical products, and to ensure the highest level of quality products for distributors and end users.

PJM ​INTL LLC ​proudly
representrepresents over 46 factories of High Quality Lightinghigh quality lighting products​.​ Whatever your Lightinglighting needs;, we have you covered.

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