Rough-Draft of "Why is Speaking so Hard?"
James is a high school student in 11th grade at a huge, low money school, Blankey
highHigh. He is the smartest kid at the school, but no one knows it, because he has never spoken a word. James has had an extreme phobia of public speaking, or speaking in general, ever since he was a little kid. In every class that James has, there ishas been a presentation once a month that was worth half of his grade, he failed all of them.
On September 8th, while people were presenting, a tall, blue-eyed, popular girl named Rachel, elbowed him and said: "This is boring, isn't it?" James answered with a nod. She asked "What's your name?" he glanced at her and looked away, she was confused as to why he didn't answer her, so she asked again, still no response. Rachel had figured
out that he was just shy, but she had a plan.

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