During exam time, everyone needs to prepare well by focusfocusing on studying because they want to get high marks. However, there are many differences between preparing for science exams and English exams has many differences. First, infor science exams, students have to do many practicespractice to memorize formulas and equations. For example, in Mathmath, doing practicespracticing regularly will increase the chances atof passing the exam. On the other hand, infor English exams, every student just has to memorize the rules and the vocabulary. Second, in science exams, taking notes provideprovides a record of what was covered during class that can be used in studying. This is a beneficial way for everyone because many teachers base their exams on the material they cover during class rather than primarily on material from a textbook. However, in English, students do not have to waste their time on taking notes. They just have to follow the teacher's instructions. Finally, preparationpreparing for exams requires bringing the appropriate materials.

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