4 years ago, I lost my passport and bag in Toronto. I was studying English in Toronto at that time. When and I lost it when I had a BBQwas at athe beach with my friends, I lost itfor a barbeque. It was a totally clear day and I leftwalked away from the place of BBQbarbeque to take a beautiful picture of the sea. I didn’t bring my bag when I walked around the beach and my passport was also in the bag. When I returned to the place of BBQbarbeque, nobody was there and I couldn’t find my bag. I thought somebodyone of my friends had my bagtaken it for me, but they didn’t know about it. I looked for it carefully around the BBQ placewhere we had been sitting, but finally, I couldn’t findrealized it was gone. I was so embarrassed and upset because I was due to use my passport one week later to go backreturn to Japan. I regretted what I did and themy lack of carefulnesscare. I successfully received a re-issued passport from embassythe Embassy but I learned how important it was to always be careful all the time aboutwith my belongings.

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