The presentation about my bachelor's thesis, "The position of the Czech Republic and Czech interest groups on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership" provides a brief introduction to the basics of my work. It explains what the TTIP is, why it was proposed, what are its predicted impacts and benefits and why it, as of now, it has ended. The presentation then declares the main research questions and gives an insideinsight into the methodological approach of the thesis. Apart from the crucial empirical aspect, the presentation also mentions the summary of covered literature and the theoretical background of the Czech economy and its expected attitudes towards such trade liberalization deals. In its following part, the position of the Czech government, Czech political parties is presented and compared to the general public view on the deal. Next, the analyses process is explained with a regard to specifically selected interest groups and their core arguments against the TTIP. At the end of the presentation, the conclusion of my work is clearly stated, and the substantial differences between the outcomes of the Czech Republic and Czech interest groups towards the TTIP are explained.

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