helloHello dear IB. I graduated from the European school IB section in Tbilisi-Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia.
the Diploma was not awarded to me because i got aI received an 11 score in my HL subjects, and ImI'm retaking chemistry HL.
Right now
imI'm in Istanbul-TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey, where iI was planing to study Dentistry in Bahçeşehir University (BAU).
I have
payed 5,000$paid a $5,000 deposit, but the universityUniversity is not able to complete my registration because the diploma was not awarded to me, hence the University is not able to get me a student residency and iI have to wait until next year, towhen I get my diploma, to be able to start my university course, and iI will lose the 5,000$$5,000 deposit.
But myMy Turkish visa is expiring in less than 2 months and after the expiration of my visa, I am not able to go back to Georgia because of the political issues that my country (Iran) and Georgia have at the moment, or go back to Iran because of military servicesservice, which means if I go back to Iran iI have to serve in the military for 2 years to be able to leave my country to go to university. On the other hand, imI'm not able to go to any huniversityuniversity in Iran, because I have to start over from 10th grade (The(the year that iI left Iran and studied abroad) to get my diploma from Iran to be able to do the national exams, which is the only way to enter any university in Iran.

When I told my University about my situation, they made an exception in my case,
they toldtelling me that if I get my results until the end of October, they are able to complete my registration and, get me a student visa and allow me to attend my classes.

I just finished my Chemistry HL IA, and
iI was hoping ifthat IB iswould be able to give out my results until the end of October.

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