Thank you, Theodore, for coming and looking at the damages
and erosion of the swale.

As a home
owner, I see there are three problems with the swale:
- Big holes
Not properImproper flow of storm water flow
- Swale
is eroding fromon both sides. Since I moved in, I have noticed a minimum one feetfoot of erosion on both sides.
On my street
, no one got ground water in their basement, nor my next door neighbor exceptother than me. I believe water is backing up in my basement due to recent new developments and changes in the vicinity of the new five storiesfive-story Kiva apartments and Creekside apartmentsapartment buildings.

The best solution is to install
the storm pipes. Installing storm pipes areis not good for environment, but building five storiesfive-story apartments are alsois not good for environment either, butand we still allow new construction of huge apartments and buildings. Gas pipes linespipelines are not good for environment, but we allow installing the new Gasgas pipelines.

I thank you again to Theodore and the township. I understand
that the Township needs time to study the problem.

I request
tothat the township to keep me posted on this issue.

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