I am really happy of lettingabout allowing the teaching of mental math during the subjects, not as a new subject, I indeed. Indeed, I do this before subjects such as mathematical operation

accordingWith regard to the challenging, my country already facefaces a challengingchallenge with the problem solvingproblem-solving, let a lone with a different language, we took. We spent a lot of time with teaching this, and some times with no result tofor most of the students,. I really have to find out the core of this problem.

myMy students find this hard as well, especially with the new students at the school, we. We took time in reading then getting the context on the board, then trying to know what the suitable operations needs need.

I am a new teacher
forin the Cambridge curriculum,. I find myself asking a lot the oldexisting teachers a lot, so I did notdon't face any problems with arrangement of the scheme, and we could change with itit each time according to the students each time.

I face a problem with saving the times table
,; they need to save it at the end regardless toof everything, every. Every subject depends on timesthe times table .

whenWhen I read the gaps I may I face at stage 3 iI find myself coveredcovering them with the context of the calss, iclass. I had to mention them at some point

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