Dear Ms. Shimshock,

Hope your weekend is going well! I was born here in Minnesota, and so were my parents.
MyHowever, my mom’s parents however were born in Latvia, so I am fluent in Latvian. My previous school was a Chinese immersion school, so I am also fluent in Chinese. Because of being fluent in 3 languages already, I am now trying to learn Spanish via Duolingo. My favorite school subject is math,. I love math, and I am very good at it. I even take math classes at the U of M on Wednesdays, which I really enjoy.

Yearyear I am new to the district, and this is my first year in a public school. My previous school was a public charter school, but it had very little freedom and they were very strict there, because that's how it is in China. Because of this big change, I was, and still am, really nervous about this year of school. I am also just really sleepy, because I have been waking up a lot earlier than I am used to, in order to prepare myself for the day of school day.

This year I am looking forward to meeting some new friends, and to becoming more independent by going out of my comfort zone a little. I
also amam also looking forward to learning a lot. This is my first year where I have had any choice in my classes. This year I am actually going to be able to learn about things I have more interest in.


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