Dear Professor Sara Arber,
My name is Hani Aljawad. I am from
the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan.
In 2012
, I graduated with Medicine Bachelor Degreea bachelor degree in medicine from Jordan University of Science and Technology. SinceI then, I had donedid my internship under the Ministry Of Health-of Health in Jordan, following to. Following this, I worked as a General Physician atgeneral physician in an emergency roomsroom, and latelyfor the last three years I have been working at Jordan Social Security Corporation under the title of Assistant Physician, in the last three yearsas an assistant physician.

If there is one truthOne things that I could defend it in my career, then it would be the following:strongly believe is that the medical approach should startrun from the society then end intoto individuals. Linking public health to the mission of social security corporations is one of my passions.

So, I am searching for
a Master degree opportunity to getan unconditional university offer to do a master's degree, under your supervision, at the highly reputed school such as , since I am applying tofor a Chevening Scholarshipsscholarship.

Looking impatientlyWaiting with anticipation for your reply.


Dr. Hani Abed AlJwad

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