EveryEach person has a different personality and different ways to live their life, Andand I’m going to describe myself.
My name is Arwa,
Andand I’m from Saudi Arabia,. Also, I’m 18 years old, and I’m only about 150cm, Also,tall. I’m thin, And my hair isand have straight and, black hair.
I’m not a neat person,
Becauseas I am always study andstudying. I love to learn new things about science every day,. Also, I’m not a funny person I’mI am serious most of the time, And I’mand not friendlysociable because I’d rather be alone
I’m interested in planets and stars
and I like to read everything about them, And. I enjoy watching documentaries about animals,. I like breeding birds; I have two cute birds their names arecalled Coco and Kiwi, In addition, I’mI’m also good at Cookingcooking, Swimmingswimming, Andand drawing.

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