The first day of school for me was a scary experience. I have never been to a public school before. Everything was new to me. I was worried and nervous. I thought I wouldn’t survive public school. I had trouble navigating to my classes. I got lost trying to find my classes. I evuantlyeventually had to ask people because I had no idea where I was going, and I didn’t want to be late on the first day of class. Lunch was okay for me. I enjoyed chatting with my friend. itIt was nice to see a familiar face after lunch. theThe school day went fast after the last bell rang. I went out the door where the busses were located. itIt was stressful to find my bus. I had to ask several people where my bus was at, but some of them couldn’t provide me with an answer because they didn’t know where is my bus was parked. EvuantlyEventually, after asking several people, I finally found my bus. I felt so happy to sit on the bus seat after going back and forth asking people where my bus was located. But she accidentally dropped me at the wrong bus stop. I ended up walking longer than I expected, which was not fun.

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