I am writing to you with regardsIn response to your request, about introducing and also my architectural background. Just aboutthe following introduces myself and my architectural background,. I gotreceived my masteresMasters degree in Urban designingDesign at Tehran University. I, and worked as an Architectural lecturer as well as Architect at well-known offices in Iran.
After moving to Canada, I was looking for a job in my field
, buthowever, as a result of asking for Canadainanbeing required to have Canadian education/ experience, I found it difficult to find a Jobjob. althoughAlthough I have workworked at an office as architacturalan architectural designer under the Co-op program for a few mothnsmonths, I made a desiciondecided to come back to thereturn to school in order to upgrade my knowledge and skilles as wellskills.
fortunatllyFortunately, I could getattained high scores during these two semesters and I hope I will pass the rest of them with the same quality. My goal is to go back to the education environment as a teacher alsoand also run my own office and have my emploesswith employees. SoTherefore, I tryam trying my best to learn more as much as I can and making more connectionconnect with my classmates and teachers during my studystudies. I hope I reach my Goalgoal ASAP! make me wish!

By the way
, I am very glad to have you as a successful Iranian professor this semester with.
with Regirds
Warm regards
Ali Forouzanpour

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