Dear Mr. Rodríguez,

My name is Daniel Jiménez. I'm part of your class "Comunicación en lengua inglesa para el turismo I" Group GY, P1.

writtingwriting this email to ask about an option to formally skip the classes and instead make some kind of a project or essay that proves my level of english whitoutEnglish without me going to class.


couple of years ago, I achivedachieved the C1 level of english whitEnglish with the Cambridge Certificate. Also, in 2019 I lived in Washington D.C. for six months, spending my time on ain an intensive englishEnglish center for me to
maintain a great level of the language; and working at a hotel as a Valet Parkingparking valet as well.

For these reasons
, I've been wondering if there's a way to do some "special project" and that way go troughthrough the class.
Thank you for
your time and help, thank you.


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