Nigeria is suffering from continuous conflict. today itsToday it's bandits, tomorrow it's Boko haramHaram and, just like the saying, when two elephants fight the grass suffers, it’s the same way with the insecurity level in my country, the. The less privileged aremake up more of the victims. In October 2020, there was an incident in my country;: the Lekki Toll Gate issue, a. A peaceful protest that had turned to theturned into a death ground for a lot of innocent people,. I was in fact at the scene when the shooting started and was able to escape that horror, the. The narrative would have beenbe different if we had efficient hands and people who stepped in to be mediators between the people and the government.
After graduation, I did the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and we were in camp for three weeks. I became platoon leader of my platoon
, which was an uphill task but I was able to manage that position and was rewarded with a good placement. I served with XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and was retained for 4 months after my service year was over. During this period, I also took afternoon classes in Fashionfashion designing and volunteered with the Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Enugu;. I relocated to Lagos in 2019 where I worked as a front desk officer. shortlyShortly after that, I worked with an insurance firm. I was able to adapt to my new environment quickly. itIt wasn’t my first time away from home, but this time I was far from home; this. This, however, giveshas given me the confidence that I wouldwill be able to adapt to any environment I find myself in.

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