The new prophet I read onabout is the prophecy onof Jeremias where he was the child of Helicas of the priest. Jeremias was sanctified from when he was in his mother's womb to be a prophet of God. God revealed himself through prophetical visions to Jeremias when he was just a mere child. God also used direct communication such as having a conversation with Jeremias asking him questions. The first vision of the communication was God said Jeremias was meant to be a prophet and he responded by saying he is just a child and nobody will listen to him. God's response to his inquiry was that God was with whoever spoke on his behalf. Additionally, whomever he wants to speak will speak and people will listen. I chose this prophet causebecause it displays that despite everything, your voice should be heard, and not worryingto worry about your size or age. Being a child, speaking the word of the lordLord is not easy, but he exposed resilience and faith in his God. Resilience is something hard for me to demonstrate in my life; for example, when the lows hit they hit hard and it takes time for me to bounce back. While others seem to understand lows are hard but move past it and say, saying "it is what is", continuing with life. That is what I want to learn from this prophet and to be adapted ininto my life.

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