Marriage, an important part of one’s life, can look very different as symbolized through wedding customs in various cultures around the world. Every country has its own way of celebrating the special gift of marriage that may or may not change over the course of time. Women in Hungary, for example, wear showy dresses and follow traditional practices that are passed down through generations. While Hungarian marriage traditions in the past focused on the extravagance of the wedding dress and traditional customs during the ceremony, over time Hungarians have lost those practices as they gradually assimilate into American weddings that we see today.
Traditional Hungarian weddings are far from American weddings since they are significantly more complex with the many special features that occur. Some of the special features include, but are not limited to, folk dancing, unique dresses, and the “Kidnapping of the bride.” Large groups of people attend, sometimes an entire village. In a colorfully painted cart, the bride
is processedproceeds to the groom's home and then to the church (Hungarian Wedding Traditions). The party does not stop after the groom has kissed the bride, as it is in fact just the beginning of a very long night. After the wedding, a midnight breakfast is held where they serve stuffed cabbage to keep the guests energized to party into the very early hours of the next day.

Both traditions of past and present day Hungarian weddings bring people together. People come together at midnight breakfast to socialize while enjoying a great meal. Along with the breakfast, an entire village is reunited to celebrate the wonderful gift of marriage. Not only are Hungarian weddings about the bride and groom, but also about using past traditions to unite everyone as a whole during traditional wedding ceremonies.

Unlike the simple, white American bridal dresses in modern day, Hungarian dresses are very colored and in some ways, dramatic.

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