Despite knowing the fact that the most perplexing and unsettling era-defining pandemic of our time was caused by COVID-19, I determined, along with my team, to serve with the most arduous theme, "Making Your Desert Bloom" from the Isaiah 35:1,2. The prophet Isaiah prophesied the prosperous and glorious Zion that will flourish and bloom during the messiah’s reign on earth, in contrast to a luxuriant Edom that is to become a desert. This message has in fact navigated tremendously in all of our team's exertions. It torched us through to adapt to a ‘new normal life’normal' life, rather than wish to return back to a normal life. I said this because we somehow shifted our thinking from dependency to independence by way of exploring our potential in terms of communication, learning, and adaptation. Most magnificently, it has fed us, to thrive in our search for ways to make humanity a better place through compassion and service. And even when we are plagued with a global pandemic, it directs us to look upon the blessed, living, and glorious hope in Christ Jesus, and at times when there seems no way, along with the prophet Habakkuk, we can proclaim, "Though the fig tree doesn’t blossom... yet, I will rejoice in the lordLord."

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