The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Tale of Sinuhe are two stories that were written on stone tablets. Luckily for us, we are able to transcribe these stories so that we can read them and learn these tales. The relationship between man and God is different between the two stories. Gilgamesh was a god himself and had everything handed to him by the gods. Sinuhe was more human than anyone from fleeing the castle after the king's death to living in exile. Gilgamesh was a man “created by the gods”. His skin is that of the gods, his strength, his look, and the list continues. He is a one of a kindone-of-a-kind man; there is no other. Until Anu, the god of Uruk, cried to the goddess of creation to make an equal to Gilgamesh. The reaction of gods to humans is that of care and wanting to be that of succor as much as they can, which is different from the relationship between characters in The Tale of Sinuhe. Sinuhe was an assistant to the king and fled after the king's death. He joined a clan which he later led, married his wife and had kids of his own. However, he always dreamed of returning to Egypt. After many long nights, he later returned after he was summoned by the king and was later buried in the tomb of the elite. Gilgamesh had all of this handed to him due to his relationship with the gods and that is a clear difference between Gilgamesh and Sinuhe. The authors of these texts are the part that I find most interesting. Both authors of these texts both knew a lot about what was going on in the world at the time. This idea is obvious because they couldn't have been with these characters for their whole lives.

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