Hello Rachel,
Today I met with Agustin for
20´20 minutes to get to know each other. He gave me a little update on the organization chart of the company, and we agreed to meet again to gradually train me.
Then, I met Natalia, very sweet and kind. We talked about
the most organizational issues, and she gave me the Accenture learning page so I can take those courses this afternoon. In addition, she told me that later she would teach me how to see your schedule because I told her that we couldn't yesterday.

On the other hand, seeing that Thursday and Friday you will be on holiday,
Dodo you want to leave me any specific homework for those days?

In Argentina
, Monday and Tuesday of next week is a holidayare holidays. The HR company told me that I must inform them if I work on a holiday because herethey must pay me double. On Monday I already have a commitment but on TuesdayMonday, but I can work normallynormally on Tuesday if you need me. Please let me know. I remain available for anything else.

Best wishes,

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