To: Bob Pope
From: Gabrielle Mendes
Subject: Job?
Hey Bob,
We talked a couple of weeks backago at the chamber of commerce event. (II was the one looking for a summer internship and had a zit on my lip that could have passed for a cold soar. Lol. Whew. It was not. You're probably like, "uhUh.. What?" Maybe that helps you recall, maybe not. Not completely important, I suppose. I'd really like to come work for you at your IT business. You seemed like a cool person to work for, I liked yryour striped pants. I'm available to start working on Monday, but I am taking my driver's test in June and have to study and go an hour and half away to take it at an easier place causebecause I'm not a great driver, so I'll miss a few days. I am also going to the beach with friends for a week in July. Oh, and my grandmother has bad gas (OMG, IT'S TERRIBLE), and sometimes I have to take her to the doctor. I've attached my resume, it's the bomb dot com. Let me know if you have a job opening for me. I can't wait to play on some computers. If I don't respond to your email, I'm always on FB, snapchatSnapchat or insta!Instagram!
Peace out,
Gabrielle Mendes From:

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