To: Roger M. Karjala
<>From: Keiko Kurtz
OneOn Ways to Improve Customer Relations

Mr. Karjala,

Because of the fact that you asked for suggestions on how to improve customer relations, I am submitting my idea. I am writing you this message to let you know that I think we can improve customer satisfaction
easyeasily by making a change in our counters.

Last December
, glass barriers were installed at our barnanchbranch. There are tellers on one side and customers on the other. The barriers have air vents to be able to allow us tellers to carry on communication with our customers. Management thought that these barriers, thatwhich are bullet proof, would prevent and stop thieves from catapulting over the counter.

, there were customers who were surprised by these large glass partitions. Communication through them is really extremely difficult and hard. Both the customer and the teller have to raise their voices to be heard. It's even more of an inconvenience when you are dealing with a person thatwho is elderly or someone who happens to be from another country. Beyond a shadow of a doutdoubt, these new barriers make customers feel that they are being treated impersonally.

I did
researchedresearch into the matter of these barriers and made the discovery that we are the only bank in town with them. There are many other banks that are trying causualcasual kiosks and open counters to make customers feel that they are more at home.

atAt the end of the day, it may be easier said than done. iI would suggest that we actually give serious consideration to the removal of these barriers as a beginning andan initial step toward improving customer relations. Maybe we can circle back to this in a future meeting.

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