Good morning. ThoughtI thought I should clarify a few things,. Sanah’s cousin, or whoever the friend was that I had a “private word” with, was simply asking me how I knew Sanah and them at Ba house, House. I told them I met them through my brother and that he should hang out with us, maybe even with my husband, as a gruopgroup of friends, so. So he jokingly saysaid it’s interesting being gay and biengbeing accepted in our culture, and I told him I didn’t see any problems with it and that’s all it was. He was never uncomfortable nonor did I harassedharass him. Also, he never wanted to hurt me or anyanything of thatthe sort, because I met him last night at best regardsBest Regards and he welcomed me with open arms asat his private table,. He laughed about it and apologized if he had acted ruderudely the other night, but he never meant to justhurt my feelings,. And that was that.

outside what happened outside at ba houseBa House, the same goes for the guy but instead he was mostly rude to you and Heiu, and how he was acting towards you. I must say I was never the wholemain culprit, and I condone any violence and unnecessary drama and I stay out of it. But to use me as a bait and make me look like the one who was starting trouble was quite upsetting, because that’s not the whole truth. I do not want my close friend reaching out to my friends/family pretending to be in good faith and telling them things. I’llI’d never do that to you. It’s disrespectful to say the least.

I am hurt! All I wanted to do was meet my brother
, who we all knew drove all the way there, and the plansplan was for us to meet him there until Heiu showed up. andThen you then wanted everyone to go to off the record, and then you got all pissed and started telling everyone how unsafe best regardsBest Regards was, which has nothing to do whatwith what happened at Ba houseHouse. It’s disrespectful to me, forbecause on the night I invited you into the group and you disregarded the plans which werehad been made prior when we were at my home drinking, and all I did was let you guys knewknOw prior to leaving home that Sabeeh willwould meet us at best regardsBest Regards around 10:30ish. Clearly his time and effort or something about best regardsBest Regards didn’t sit well with you, and again you thought I was acting all delusional and pissiedpissed. I was disrespected and was feeling controlled and confronted, so I attempted to try reasoning with you but instead was pissed. andThen when you got home you reached out to Joe while he’s ahe was at work, which added more stress on him while he’she was busy caring for lives in the emergency department. Same goes for Sanah, she was never there the entire night but you sent her all thesethose unwarranted messagemessages to make me look so bad, all. All of this could’vecould have been avoided and was uncalled for.

I hope that you
realizedrealize how upset your accusations and actions hashave made me. It’s painful to know the amount of time and trust I put into this friendship washas all gone in one night. I truly do not want to cause you and Heiu andany further trouble, and I wish to stay out of this. Really, I’ll heal from this, andso let this be lesson learned offor all of us. I wish you nothing but the best. Take care, Heather.

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