There was this couple who have been living peacefully for some time. One day, they had
issues that they
didn'tdidn't settle. Each one was expecting the other to apologize. They
refused to forgive each other and rebuild their relationship. They slept with that
unforgiveness in their hearts.
That same night armed robbers broke into their apartment. And after taking all their
valuables, one of the robbers decided to ask them a question. He asked what they
normally do each night that they
didn’t do todayhadn't done that day. They didn'tdidn't understand his question.
He explained to them that they,
the robbers, havehad been trying to gain entrance to their home
for some time now, and each time, they had met opposition from guards and their walls
walls were unscalable until today. When the robbers camehad come, the walls were down and there were
no guards. The robber asked them what happenedhad happened. The couple looked at each other and
started crying.

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