Good Day,

I hope this letter finds you well
,. I appreciate you taking the time to look over our request.

My name is Hector Pokane, and I am the owner of Tribal Wear.

Tribal Wear is a recently founded African-inspired clothing and accessory

As a brand, we strive to support and encourage the acknowledgment of African cultures by embracing and showcasing African patterns and their distinctive narratives - via our products,
and we bring bright African prints into customerscustomers’ daily lives in a stylish manner.

I am writing this letter
, requesting the following:
Having a pop-up stand at your mall exhibition space
Opportunity to
providingprovide a wider range of shopping options for your mall's customers.
In return for the opportunity to operate our pop-up stand at your mall, we are prepared to offer:
A negotiated percentage of our sales revenue as rent.
Collaboration on any joint marketing efforts.
Flexibility in scheduling and setup arrangements.
Under your business development portfolio B-BBEE contributing applicant

As a business our start-up approach is different & unique, as we want to change the
narratenarrative to how small, black owned business start-up,startups and apply a different strategy to the business chain.

The outcome I am looking to achieve with this business opportunity is to scale up Tribal Wear as a brand
, and operate our pop-up so it’s exposed to a higher LSM patrons segment, whilst continuing to run a small business that benefits both your company and the economy as a whole.

Kindly find our business proposal which outlines the products we would like to sell to customers of your mall.

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