I consider myself a dynamic and multi-skilled person with my background after working for some top-ranking Multinationalmultinational companies in Brazil. OneWhile at one of the big four, Deloitte company, I worked with the leadership team atin the consulting area. Furthermore, workingwhile working for 10 years for the largest company in the Agribusinessagribusiness sector, Monsanto Company and Bayer S.A., I could train and influence my team about the importance of following with diligence the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. I could also deal with hundreds of agreements between farmers and industry and participate in the process of researching, development, regulatory, patents and launching of seed as a product.
At the
Lawlaw school, I could inspire my colleagues with my personal experience whereas I had been volunteering toin the community for approximately 10 years as a Criminal Jurycriminal jury, to the largest Criminal Courthousecriminal courthouse in Latin America. This prestigious responsibility trustedthat was trusted on me provided the opportunity to understand the complexity of the Brazilian Legal System to prosecute cases of voluntary crimes against life, such as first and second-degree murder, forced abortion and instigation of suicide, even if only attempted.
Currently I work for the Texas OAG - Office of the Attorney General, in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit division, supporting local and federal investigators
with. Experiencing two different Legal Systemlegal systems in two countries has impressed and intrigued me when comparing different Lawlaws and resolutions to cases, being one of the meanmain reasons that make me feel passionate and inspireinspired about relationships and Lawlaw.
In conclusion, I am proud
forof sharing my professional experience and expectations and academic background related to the legal field. I am optimistic that I am a strong candidate for LL.M at this recognized international law school. It will be an honor being able to contribute to SMU’s legacy and help improve our community. Thank you for considering my application.

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