For many years, I have been deeply interested in learning and developing my career to support the justice system. Growing up in a country recognized as one of the most unequal countries in Latin America, leaded by the second position in the world aswith the highest number of domestic violence crimes and the third highest rate of intentional homicide against women, reinforced my passion for Lawlaw and has motivated me to defend for Justicejustice and Human Rightshuman rights, alsoas well as to understand the complexity of sothe many social problems that affects individualaffect individuals worldwide.
MyMy name is Ana Paula Weaver, I am 40 years old, and I am a Brazilian attorney and, Iwho has raised my only son as a single mother. An Indian, Black and Portuguese descendent, I was born and raised in an impoverished neighborhood of São Paulo city, besides. Besides that, I had completed the last year of High School with a GPA of 3.7 and started my first graduation in Executive Assistant at 18 years old, after passing by a competitive examination to reach out my spotgain a place at a prestigious Public Universitypublic university. At meanwhileMeanwhile, I enjoyed learning 4four foreign languages: English, Spanish, GermanyGerman and French. Being a first-generation Universityuniversity student, I have graduated not just once, but twice.
With this statement
, I would like to express my interest in an LL.M. for Foreign Law School Graduates at Southern Methodist University, given that Dedman School of Law is a prestigious institute developed for passionate students that, like me, hashave a goal ofto stand out professionally. AAs a respected and traditional Universityuniversity in the United States, SMU can provide me awith the high quality of study and sourcesresources that I need in order to support in my career. My goal is to become a remarkablesuccessful attorney in Texas, honoring even more SMU’s reputation still further. I am sure SMU will support me in building esteemed connections and allow me to gain practical experience in the legal field.
Moreover, I have visited the vibrant
SMU’sSMU Law libraryLibrary, and I am eager to contribute my unique perspectives. I am confident that SMU is mythe top choice for as master’sa Master’s in law studentLaw to allow me to go beyondfurther in my career.

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