Dr. Heisey,

II would like to thank you for making me part of the SPFHS family in 2003. It was a very stressful year for me because I took a chance, left Roselle Catholic, filled in for a maternity leave at Roselle Park HS, and got into a great district, Scotch Plains-Fanwood. After I accepted the job in Scotch Plains, I lost my Grandmothergrandmother and Fatherfather in the same week. I was happy that my Daddad knew I had got a great teaching job in Scotch Plains, and I promised him toI would get my master's which I put a note in his jacket pocket that he is now buried with. All he wanted was for me was to find a great place to teach, and I did.

TheThe speeches at your party were exactly how I explained how you were over the years to family and friends. Kind, patient, and took care of things with ease. Not sure you remember this issue I had, but I remember coming into your office so upset because Brian Homm commented on an email sent to the entire PE staff about food and my weight. I remember your face, how you felt for me, and the situation I was put in. You had said to me, “What do you want me to do, Lauren?” It was a Friday, so I had the weekend to think about our talk and the situation. These little things are what make a leader a great leader. I Ihave worked with a few principals, and I felt most comfortable with you.

“Me”“Me” time is priceless, and you deserve it. Enjoy your retirement, and I will be envious of you while I knowknowing that in September you will be on the beach at Avon by the SeaAvon-by-the-Sea, reading and resting!

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