Our company can assist you with both normal patio covers and fully customized ones, perfect for when you want something unique to make your property stand out. We also couple this with a fantastic landscape design service which is tailored to handle your specific needs in a professional, friendly and efficient manner.

The important thing that most people don’t realize is that designing and installing any modification to your property has to be met with approval. While this does take time, the process can be greatly sped up by the simple expedient of planning ahead. Our team is able to assist with this and will be able to help you get the planning and paperwork all done as expeditiously as possible.

All of our installations are performed to complement the existing structure of your home
, with a firm focus on the aesthetics involved. We also make certain that the best cover height and sun exposure are obtained to give you the most balance between light and shade. Our landscape design service further complements the installation of patio covers, as this provides us with an eye for integrating any installation into the total appearance of your property. We will always give you the best possible balance between functionality, reliability, budget and aesthetics.

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